Corporate Milestone

  • Date


  • 29th Jun 2018
    Resumption of Trading
  • 15th Mar 2018
    Completion of the Proposed Disposal of Cedar Properties
  • 18th Jan 2018
    Settlement Deed in relation to the Unauthorised Withdrawals
  • 14th Nov 2017
    Voluntary Suspension of Trading in relation to Legal Action in respect of Unauthorised Withdrawals from Daya Bay (the "Unauthorised Withdrawals")
  • 2nd Oct 2017
    Strategic Collaboration with Yoma Bank
  • 5th Jun 2017
    Grant of awards under the Performance Share Plan to Group Employees
  • 27th Feb 2017
    Change of Company Name to Emerging Towns & Cities Singapore Ltd.
    Completion of Phase II Acquisition of Golden City project
  • 25th Jan 2017
    Convertible Loan from Controlling Shareholder
  • 3rd Jan 2017
    Completion of Capital Reduction
  • 20th dec 2016
    Completion of Phase I Acquisition of Golden City project
  • 5th dec 2016
    Completion of Share Consolidation
  • 21st nov 2016
    Closure of Special Audit
  • 19th sep 2016
    Completion of Rights Issue
  • 31st Mar 2016
    Resumption of Trading
  • 24th Nov 2015
    Release of Special Audit
  • 4th Nov 2015
    Acquisition of Daya Bay project